Regarding the Press (A U.S. Presidential Election Commentary)

When you allow the press to follow you, to watch you, to write about you, you’re allowing them to address both good and bad about you. It allows people to see some semblance of balance through different perspectives. It’s really that simple. Therefore, the more you keep people from something, the more they think you’re trying to hide something.

The above is an unfortunate truth for people who, by all accounts, prefer not to have their private life public, i.e. Hillary Clinton. As much as I dislike Donald Trump, he’s only hurting himself when it comes to campaigning. Which in turn is also hurting those people he purportedly represents. When people can’t have others judge your public presentation from different angles, they’re only left with what they themselves subscribe to … that you are in some way hiding something, and in this current atmosphere of politics it only equates to toxic. Then an agenda develops. Or can appear to.

Hillary Clinton and her campaign team seem to get this notion. I’ve heard a lot recently, and over the years, that she’s a very different person privately, and has been in the public eye for a very long time. What I saw during her DNC speech was someone not only admitting this (which she pretty much literally did), but is addressing it. Her first interview was with FOX News.

On the other had, it appears that Donald Trump doesn’t get this. He goes his own way, which is commendable in some ways, but he’s gone beyond doubling down — he’s like septupled down. It’s embarrassing to see a someone running for *any* political office behave this way. He complains about having “three or four articles a day” written about him – in a single newspaper alone – but then continues to throw lighter fluid over everything for that moment where he just might become T-Bird from The Crow (“Fire it up!! Fire it up!!”). And at some point it’s going to happen. (It could be pointed out that he’s already setting this up by declaring that the election is going to be rigged.)

Any person with a modicum of intelligence knows the adage “no news is good news.” The problem with that is that it is inherently not true. If you don’t hear anything, it doesn’t mean it didn’t happen. It just means you don’t know about it. And in this political climate, not knowing something is almost dangerous.

For Donald Trump to keep threatening the press, to keep blocking them simply because he doesn’t like what they’re saying, how long will it be before he decides that press conferences with video feeds won’t be allowed anymore since they’re bound to catch something he doesn’t like?

This kind of behaviour on any level of campaigning, most of all for the office of the President of the United States, should be completely and utterly condemned. If you’ve done something wrong or said something wrong and it comes out, take your lumps and move on the appropriate path.


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