August 2, 2016’s Trump Speak (aka purple heart party time)

Donald Trump: I have a purple heart now. A purple heart, let me tell you, a purple heart is an amazing thing to have. So amazing.  And I already have a heart that’s red and blue, with white blood cells. Little tiny white cells.  So, so tiny.  What do you get when you mix red and blue? I’m not really sure, and let me tell you I have the absolute best, most amazing not sures. Better than anybody else’s. But now I have this purple heart. This wonderful heart that a veteran gave me. He gave it to me because he thinks I deserve to have it. And let me tell you, nobody deserves this heart of purple more than I do. After that vicious, vicious attack, and I know vicious because nobody knows vicious like I do, but after that vicious attack at the dee en cee last week, I definitely am wounded. I feel it right here (points to arm), right where I got dragged through the mud by that Crooked Hillary, trademark pending so don’t try and use that if you’re not me, and nobody is me like I am. I mean I am me and we are me and we are all together, right now. Belittle me if you’d like for this heart that I earned, and I did earn his heart, his big heart of purple. And nobody knows purple like I do. I do purple like no one. Just ask Barney. Frankly, I like this heart. Heart me all you want, people of this soon to be great again America. And for those of you who do like me, ask yourselves, do you really want to heart me?

(original version appears on Facebook)


About Brandon Williford

Dad. Writer. Creator of things. I sound like I should be fun.

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