July 17, 2016, or the Day I Started Some Stuff

2016 has been a strange year.  From noteworthy news to personal things, it’s run the gamut of emotional ups and downs.  The death of celebrated actors and musicians to the epitome of satirical/goofy political races.

For this year I had a goal of trying to watch at least one new thing a day, whether it was a film or t.v. show.  Hasn’t work out that way, though I have managed to keep to not watching something more than once (which is really hard to do when you have a handful of “comfort” films to watch and you’ve had enough times when you needed to watch a comfort film).

My son and I went to the local move theater to watch GHOSTBUSTERS, a film I’d been looking forward to seeing since it was first announced.  I loved the original.  I was there in theaters seeing it when it came out in 1984.  So when I heard who was directing it and who was starring in it, I got excited to see how it would play out.  I’m not going to go into detail about my thoughts on the people who were so offended by the remake and that it was starring all women in the lead roles, because that’s a whole blog entry by itself.  Then I saw Spy and was bowled over by how honestly funny I found it.  I hadn’t laughed at a film like that in a long, long time.  In fact, I think the last time I laughed that much or that hard was when I saw BRAIN DONORS (1992).  So I was primed to see it.

The only obstacle in the way of seeing the new GHOSTBUSTERS was … electricity.  Or more specifically the lack of it.  We did not get to see it today, but did end up with two comp tickets, so yay!

What prompted this blog was what would have happened right after seeing the film.  My son wanted to record a reaction/review of the film.  He was excited about doing it.  Little bummed out that we couldn’t do it today, but he’s certainly looking forward to doing.  This, in turn, lead to us deciding to review just about all the films we see.  I started making a list of films I want him to see and ones that he wants to see and films neither of us have seen but we might give a try.

I’m genuinely looking forward to this.  I’m looking forward to helping learn how things can be adapted (he’s already seen some films that have been adaptations of book) and how they can be compared to other films (such as multiple adaptations of a single source – Hamlet, for example).  I’m looking forward to how he sees things.

And in turn, as everything has some sort of consequence, I’m hoping that gives me a bit of jog on the creativity front.

So until next time (which, fingers crossed will be later this week)!!


About Brandon Williford

Dad. Writer. Creator of things. I sound like I should be fun.

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